Broetje Orchards | Our Philosophy
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Our Philosophy

Building Communities

At Broetje Orchards, our work and our lives are carried out within the context of community.  Recognizing our employees as whole individuals, we seek to invest in families and communities in which they live.  Over the years, we have created different kinds of communities to serve a whole host of individuals, including immigrants, refugees, and others living on the margins of society. 

Together, we learn to see one another, recognize each other’s gifts and dreams, and ideally move to increasing their sense of solidarity.  Our work is to help community members come together to identity a common vision and purpose that serves the needs of everyone, but with a particular lens on the most vulnerable.

Robert Greenleaf once said:

“If a better society is to be built, one that is more just and more loving, one that provides greater creative opportunities for its people, then the most open course is to raise both the capacity to serve and the very performance as servant of existing major institutions.” 

How our business relates to and helps develop our communities is a core component of who we are…

Guiding philosophies to our community development work are:

Servant Leadership 

Through our actions, are those served healthier, freer, wiser, more able to meet their own needs and more likely to serve others?  How do we know if we don’t know them? Those brought through the training improve their knowledge of self and others while increasing their understanding of how to better serve. Learn more about Servant Leadership at Vista Hermosa Foundation.

Building Capacity and Resiliency

Building the capacities of individuals and communities to develop from within and reducing their dependence on outside charity is critical in the development of servant leaders.  This philosophy asks us to distinguish between chronic versus crisis situations.  In times of crisis, we may do ‘for’ the individual.  But chronic situations ask us to never do for others what they can do for themselves.  Walk with them and ‘do with’ in that which builds their sense of agency.

Trauma Informed Care 

We are not aware of everything impacting an individual and why they are behaving the way they are.  Behavior is a communication vehicle.  Having a relationship with those served allows us to understand the underlying factors affecting whether individuals make healthy decisions and the likelihood for successful outcomes.

With these philosophies as our foundation Broetje Orchards has invested in communities here and around the world.

The Vista Hermosa Community

The Vista Hermosa community was established in response to the need for safe, affordable housing near the workplace. In 1990, the Broetjes invested $5 million from their business to build the original 121 single-family homes and apartment units. The first residents named the community “Vista Hermosa,” which means “beautiful view.”

Today the community has expanded and is home to over 700 people, both year-round and seasonal. Residents access a wide range of programs and services designed to foster healthy, trusting relationships within families, develop personal gifts and talents, and establish a strong foundation for children’s formal education.

The Tierra Vida Community

Created in 2005 in response to employees’ interest in becoming home-owners, Broetje Orchards invested in a piece of land in Pasco, WA. Today, Tierra Vida offers affordable, quality homes within a community that seeks to continually build the capacity of the more- and less-abled to participate, lead, and positively affect their own lives and those of their community.

Tierra Vida is home to over 175 home-owner households and 95 families in its multi-family apartments. Visit the Tierra Vida website. 

Partners in Authentic Community

Broetje Orchards is proud to be part of an effort initiated by the Vista Hermosa Foundation that seeks to join groups from around the world who are all communities of practice – seeking to live out servant leadership.With their mission to Serve, Encourage and Educate – For more information on Partners in Authentic Community please visit Vista Hermosa Foundation.

Our Core Values