Broetje Orchards | Our People
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Our People

Serving employees and families at the workplace

The founding story of our business grew out of the belief that individuals’ dreams can come true, but more often than not it requires the presence of a nurturing community. To this day, this belief shapes in the way in which our business carries out its work.


With over 2,500 employees, the ability to reach out to and care for each employee requires a community of managers and fellow employees to make this vision a reality.

As such, our employees are not just beneficiaries of programs to serve them, but key leaders maximizing the company’s ability to serve. Thus, part of our mission became raising the capacity of this community of people.

Leadership and Engagement


Manager Training

Managers are our front line to working with and serving our employees. They are our community leaders, but to do this well, they need to feel empowered, equipped to listen and ready to learn. Fundamental training for managers include:  Servant Leadership skills, Trauma-informed skill-building, non-toxic charity strategies and more.


Program Committees

Whether planning company events, helping coordinate our Employee Matching Fund, or providing oversight to the company clinic, these are just a few of the many ways employees step outside of their normal work and become part of a team leading important company efforts.

2018 Safety Reps

Employee Representative Committees

Although we are a large organization with many employees, FirstFruits has leadership structures in place to encourage open communication between management and staff.  All crews in the field and departments in the warehouses elect representatives to participate in monthly meetings – any concerns, ideas and questions can be discussed with representatives who will bring them to this conversation.


Family-Centered Benefits and Programs

To ensure that we are living into our business-as-ministry philosophy, how we treat our employee, improve their welfare and equip them to serve are critically important. To this end, Broetje Orchards has developed programs and benefits seeking to meet our employee’s needs with the end-goal of engaging them in our purpose-driven mission. Some of these are:


Wellness and Health

To simply have access to health insurance does not necessarily mean individuals will become healthy or visit their doctor. With this in mind, FirstFruits invested in the Vista Hermosa Clinic which is open to all employees and their dependents.  The clinic has a doctor on staff and is open Monday-Friday; 8 hours each day.  Additional investment has been made for a health educator, who works with individuals and families to promote wellness.

Continuing Ed

Continuing Education

Our employees’ and their children’s education is important to the organization and Broetje Orchards offers opportunities to advance it:

  • For employees, we offer opportunities to participate in professional development courses, such as ESL classes, leadership workshops, technical courses.
  • For children of FirstFruits employees scholarships to pursue higher education are available through the Vista Hermosa Foundation.

Leadership Development

Work is more then making profits and receiving a paycheck. It is also about building community, true call around vocation, and opportunities for serving the needs of others. Our employees play a vital role in this process, but many have simply never had the support to believe in themselves nor the opportunity to take a leadership role. 




Since 1990 when it first broke ground to create the Vista Hermosa community, Broetje Orchards has provided affordable, quality housing to employees and their families.   Today, over 800 individuals live in our community of Vista Hermosa, including families living year-round and seasonal employees. All of our housing was created to provide a safe and nurturing place where individuals come to know the true meaning of community


Employee Assistance Program

Staff within this program are on hand to any employee to address concerns and questions within or outside the workplace. Recognizing that employees are moms, dads, sons and daughters with a life outside the workplace, the program is designed to provide support, counseling, and referrals to help employees through difficulties that pertain to drug or alcohol abuse, family finances, domestic abuse issues, children and youth, and more. Further it provides a neutral forum to help resolve conflict in the workplace.



FirstFruits offers childcare assistance to employees with children of daycare age. The New Horizon Early Learning Center provides regular day long child care to approximately 80 children of employees and boasts the highest Kinder-Readiness in the area.

Our Core Values