FirstFruits Farms | Training Servant Leaders at Broetje Orchards
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Training Servant Leaders at Broetje Orchards

02 Jun Training Servant Leaders at Broetje Orchards

In early 2016, As part of our on-going work to develop our organization’s ability to raise the capacity of our employees, our New Human Resources team enrolled in our local leadership formation course in Servant Leadership.

For 5 months this group has met weekly to learn more about God, themselves, and each other. They have deepened the understanding of how their work supports the mission of Broetje Orchards while nurturing healthier relationships, communities and society itself in the process. This group  graduated that course on June 1!

People who participate in servant leadership development learn how to share their life stories, examine their personalities, explore their gifts and special interests and support one another through our hard times so that each can give their best to those served and find greater meaning, purpose and joy in the giving of ourselves for each other along the way. Congratulations to our H.R team for your commitment to this course, and the powerful ways you invest yourselves in the work God has chosen us to do together!


For a short video link to see this class in session go to: