FirstFruits Farms | Trauma Informed Care: Doing our Part
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Trauma Informed Care: Doing our Part

30 Jun Trauma Informed Care: Doing our Part

On June 28-29, various leaders from Vista Hermosa Foundation, Broetje Orchards and Tierra Vida along with other community leaders and educators met together to discuss CRI or better known as the  Childhood Resilience Initiative. This two day conference covered not only the basics of trauma informed care and the impacts that trauma has on brain development but also teaching tangible and concrete solutions. Broetje Orchards was part of a 13 person panel that had various sectors including education, health and wellness and non-profit and how they are each doing their part in practicing Trauma Informed Care. Whitman College graciously hosted this event. Vista Hermosa Foundation and Jubilee Leadership Academy were among some of the sponsors for this event.

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