FirstFruits Farms | Apple Harvest is Here!
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Apple Harvest is Here!

23 Aug Apple Harvest is Here!

We are about three weeks into our Harvest! This year’s incoming harvest is larger then last year. Here is some of the crop estimates of the three orchards and how our main packing site prepares for the incoming fruit.In the Wallula Orchard, we are expecting a 50% heavier crop then last year with Galas being bigger and the Opals are expected to be at least 30,000+ Bins. In Benton City; they are expecting  a heavier harvest then last year as well. The red delicious had a few blocks that will be lighter than last year. The Galas are going to be a larger size. Here at Prescott Orchard, we are expecting a heavier crop as well with bigger sizes in most varieties. We began picking Galas and Honeycrisp last week. Our warehouse prepared for harvest by setting standards color grades as the fruit hits the line and is ready to be packed. The staff also has to be prepared for changes at a moments request and most importantly get lots of rest when the opportunity comes up because the new crop brings more challenges. We want to thank all those involved with our harvest from picking, packing, shipping and selling.