FirstFruits Farms | The 2016 Broetje Orchard CR Report is Here!
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The 2016 Broetje Orchard CR Report is Here!

01 Sep The 2016 Broetje Orchard CR Report is Here!

Broetje Orchards is happy to present the 2016 CR report.  This is the third year of us bringing additional accountability to our operations.  As a recognized leader in the apple industry for over 25 years, we recognize that we did not achieve our success simply because we grow great apples. We attribute much of our success to the pursuit of our business’s mission “to be a quality fruit company committed to bearing fruit that will last.” Operationalizing this mission statement is our on-going task and our Corporate Responsibility efforts help ensure that we are continually measuring and assessing our progress to that end.  If you are interested in reading our annual Corporate Responsibility report please click here.