FirstFruits Farms | Coming Fall 2017
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Coming Fall 2017

10 Aug Coming Fall 2017

This Fall, Broetje Orchards is proud to announce some new innovations coming to our production line. We are near the completion of a third packing facility. Some of the key features of this new line will be: enhanced lighting, clean-room drop ceiling, air circulation system that offers comfortable work environment year around.This investment also includes six robotic palletizers that can individually stack up to 14-17 cases per minute while reducing the number of moves each packed box makes. This will lower the risk of bruising and ensures that fruit arrives in great condition. We are also including automatic stretch wrappers that can handle approximately 60 palletizers stacks per minute, over an 8 hour shift. The robotics will be handling 80-90 percent of our workload. We are excited for these innovative production equipment and making sure we deliver only the highest quality fruit to our customers.