FirstFruits Farms | Harvest Update
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Harvest Update

26 Sep Harvest Update

The days are becoming shorter and the weather is becoming cooler. Fall has arrived! We are a month and a half into harvest and our controlled-atmosphere storage rooms are filling up with this year’s new crop.  Two of the continuing  challenges that we have had again is the on-going challenge of labor shortage and the unpredictable weather that causes us to send workers home due to rain. Both are difficult but the the former is a reminder of our country’s larger immigration problem. We would like to thank everyone here at Broetje Orchards who has come during this crucial time of the year. Below is the list of varieties that are currently being picked.

  • Prescott: Opal. Granny Smith, Red Delicious
  • Benton City: Red Delicious.
  • Wallula: Opals