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Leading Others

13 Feb Leading Others

What makes a good servant leader? According to Robert Greenleaf “It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then the conscious choice brings once to aspire to lead.” I ask this question because you never know who will step up to become a leader at the workplace. Broetje Orchards would like to highlight Siro Diaz. Siro has been working here for the past 8 months. He is currently co-leading an OSHA Training Course in partnership with Walla Walla Community College. “I enjoy teaching this not only because you continually grow and learn every day, but also teaching a must have skill in this industry.” Siro is also currently taking online courses and studying to get his B.A in Informational Technologies and enjoys camping and hiking in his free time. Siro recently became our new Maintenance Supervisor.