FirstFruits Farms | National Apple Day!
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National Apple Day!

21 Oct National Apple Day!

Today is National Apple Day! This day was originally celebrated in the United Kingdom in 1990. It is a day to celebrate apples, orchards, and all things related.

Here are some fun facts from FirstFruits Farms:

  1. Our apples are handpicked by over 1,700 employees.
  2. Our main orchard is located in Prescott, WA and is one of the largest continuous orchards in the United States.
  3. After our fruit is picked, it is transported to our 1.1 million square feet warehouse and packing facilities.
  4. Throughout the year, our fruit is stored in 11 million square feet of cold storage!
  5. Approximately 28,000 apples can be packed per day by our three packing lines.

Apple Facts from the Washington Apple Commission:

  1. There are approx. 2,500 varieties of apples grown in the United States.
  2. Each year, 10-12 billion apples are harvested in Washington State.
  3. The crab apple is the only native apple to North America
  4. “If you put all Washington State apples picked in a year side by side, they would circle the earth 29 times.”