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End of Harvest

22 Nov End of Harvest

FirstFruits Farms officially completed the harvest season. It was a harvest filled with fun and excitement!

In October-November, our employees engaged in a competition to find the weirdest apple. As soon as we thought we saw it all, stranger apples would make their way into the office. Employees were able to keep up and engage with the contest on social media. Three winners were finally chosen. Surprisingly, they all worked in different areas; Wallula Orchard, Prescott Orchard, and the Receiving Department. It goes to show the great amount of participation, with apples turned in from over 80 employees.

This harvest, many crews were also able to have their group photos taken. It was a small effort to show our appreciation for them through the camera lens. Excitingly, a trip was made to our Benton City orchard, in order to show them that while we are far in distance, they were still in our thoughts as they gathered the fruit off of the trees.

Joy filled the faces of our pickers when the second grade class of Orchard Elementary visited them. Students observed how an apple is picked and were even able to pick an apple of their very own! We thank NELA Elementary for hosting them for lunch after their orchard and warehouse tour. One of the second graders even said that the field trip was their “best day ever!”

We are incredibly thankful for the hard work of all of our employees. We know that without their help, we couldn’t have accomplished all of the great things that we did this season. We feel blessed to have each of them on our team and thank them for sharing their gifts and knowledge with us.

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Winners of the Weird Apple Competition
Benton City Orchard Crews
Orchard View Elementary