FirstFruits Farms | FFC: New Year’s Resolution
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FFC: New Year’s Resolution

03 Jan FFC: New Year’s Resolution

Written by: Melissa Wisner, Community Programs Manager, FirstFruits Community

The year 2019 was an awakening to the need for healing within families as a bridge to a stronger community. Through our project of listening to the stories of our residents in the beginning of 2019, we heard that the greatest joys as well as the deepest pain came from relationships within the home. Therefore, the best work we can do is to celebrate family connections and honor the process of healing needed in the home. Within the community, we are working to engage parents in our programming for the youth; create events that are fun and welcoming for all ages; and providing opportunities to share family growth and education. We graduated 7 couples this year through a parenting class in the community and look forward to graduating more in the year 2020!

Flourishing families is our dream for the new year! We look forward to working more intentionally with our programming efforts to encourage healthy communication between children and their parents which enables young people to feel their greatest support system is within the home. We are excited to work with families to understand better the development of their children at specific ages. As our families are healthier, our whole community is better!