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Past Blog Entries

06 Mar That’s a Wrap: Cosmic Crisp 2019

On Wednesday, March 6, the Silver Line processed what was left of the 2019 Cosmic Crisp harvest. Over 8, 200 boxes were packed and sent on their way to be sold and shipped to their final destinations. It has been an exciting year to grow,...

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14 Jan Winter Chill

A blanket of snow covered our orchards last night. It may seem cold to us, but apple and cherry trees need this “winter chill” to store energy for the blooming and growing seasons. Weather such as what we are experiencing now and temperatures at...

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03 Jan FFC: New Year’s Resolution

Written by: Melissa Wisner, Community Programs Manager, FirstFruits Community The year 2019 was an awakening to the need for healing within families as a bridge to a stronger community. Through our project of listening to the stories of our residents in the beginning of 2019,...

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20 Dec Feliz Navidad!

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! May God bless you with a festive, loving and peaceful celebration this holiday season. Enjoy this festive video from FirstFruits Farms and Community. ...

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16 Dec Post Harvest

What happens on an apple orchard after harvest? Pruning for one, but what else? Find out in the vlog below! ...

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22 Nov End of Harvest

FirstFruits Farms officially completed the harvest season. It was a harvest filled with fun and excitement! In October-November, our employees engaged in a competition to find the weirdest apple. As soon as we thought we saw it all, stranger apples would make their way into...

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22 Oct Harvest Carnival Reflection

Written by Melissa Wisner, Programs Supervisor, FirstFruits Community The 2019 Harvest Carnival was a success, bringing families from the community and company together for a night of fun, celebration, and food! Our goal this year was to see families engaged together, building stronger bonds and...

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21 Oct National Apple Day!

Today is National Apple Day! This day was originally celebrated in the United Kingdom in 1990. It is a day to celebrate apples, orchards, and all things related. Here are some fun facts from FirstFruits Farms: Our apples are handpicked by over 1,700 employees....

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14 Oct Cosmic Crisp: Platform Picking

Cosmic Crisp harvest is underway! This year, we are using platform machines to assist our employees while picking the fruit off of the tree. These machines are able to carry the bins alongside workers as they walk down the rows of apple trees. They also...

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