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Past Blog Entries

21 Oct National Apple Day!

Today is National Apple Day! This day was originally celebrated in the United Kingdom in 1990. It is a day to celebrate apples, orchards, and all things related. Here are some fun facts from FirstFruits Farms: Our apples are handpicked by over 1,700 employees....

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14 Oct Cosmic Crisp: Platform Picking

Cosmic Crisp harvest is underway! This year, we are using platform machines to assist our employees while picking the fruit off of the tree. These machines are able to carry the bins alongside workers as they walk down the rows of apple trees. They also...

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02 Oct Weird Apple Contest

Our employees are on the search for the weirdest apple at FirstFruits Farms! Just when we think we've seen it all, another strange apple enters the competition. It's been exciting to see our employees get involved, but also to witness the many forms an apple...

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12 Sep The Face Behind Bin Tickets

Meet Yarel Gonzalez, a 15 year employee at FirstFruits Farms. Two years ago, Yarel accepted the seasonal opportunity to print and process all of the bin tickets and labels that go out into the orchards during harvest. She is responsible for printing and distributing an estimated 292,000 labels this...

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30 Aug Receiving Department

Meet out receiving department. During harvest, our yellow semi-trucks can be seen moving fruit that was on our trees in the morning, to our warehouse once it is picked. Forklift drivers will then unload the trucks and move that fruit into cold storage the same...

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23 Aug Graduation Day!

Today is preschool graduation day at New Horizon Early Childhood Education Center. The center was established in 1988 for the purpose of affordable and quality childcare for our working families. It is located next to our warehouse, giving parents the relief of having their children...

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02 Aug Camp Vista, 2019

FirstFruits Farms and Community lives by the philosophy of servant leadership. One of the most essential characteristics of servant leadership is the ability to listen to those you serve. In the 1990’s, after listening to employee concerns about their children not having a safe place...

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