Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Creating an Impact

FirstFruits is committed to being present, caring and supportive of our employees as well as active in our local community, our nation and the world.  We seek to make a positive impact on the communities we serve.

We have supported local, national and even international programs that seek to provide community empowerment or relief where its needed most. We’ve sponsored soccer tournaments, school supply drives, national hunger relief campaigns and even helped empower youth to start gardens in their communities. There are no small needs and every positive action makes a difference somewhere.”

Learn more about our philanthropy efforts.

Employee Housing

A Safe Place Where All Are Welcomed, Empowered, and Feel Connected

The Vista Hermosa community was established in 1990 and is home to over 800 year-round and seasonal employees of FirstFruits Farms.  Programs and activities are designed to nurture leadership development, spiritual well-being, and service to the common good.  In every aspect of life, residents are encouraged to find their voice, build connections, and share their gifts and dreams with one another.

We know that not every employee has all the tools they need to thrive when they arrive at FirstFruits. Our emphasis on people and community connects people, places and services to empower success. That includes understanding that traumatic events experienced early in life (known as ACES, or Adverse Childhood Experiences) have an ongoing impact on health and social-emotional well-being. Our mission is to restore resilience through building positive social connections in community, and nurturing stronger relationships between parents, children, neighbors and friends. Vista Hermosa is a place to create resilient connections and stronger communities and neighbors that make great employees with shared values.

In addition to housing, we provide the following services:

Orchard View Market and Deli

Offers easy access to basic commodities, fuel, fast-food restaurant, and laundromat services.

New Horizon Early Childhood Education Center

Provides quality, affordable childcare (ages 1 month through 5 years) for farm-working families near the workplace. This includes a safe and nurturing environment so all children may feel secure to explore new settings, interact with others, learn through play, feel valued as individuals, and identify their place in their community and the world around them.


The Vista Hermosa Clinic is open to all employees and their dependents, Monday-Friday, 8 hours each day. We have a doctor on staff.  In addition, our health educator works with individuals and families to promote wellness which includes Zumba classes and information on the importance of preventative health screenings.


We offer youth programs that build identity and belonging through small peer group mentoring and off-campus events.  Our adult education improves knowledge and skills related to health and wellbeing and our social events celebrate culture and tradition, while weaving bonds of trust, respect, and mutual accountability.

1111 Fishhook Park Road, Prescott, WA 99348

(509) 749-2217

(509) 749-2354


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